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Admission ticket vouchers and admission ticket voucher codes

Make it easy for your guests to decide to attend. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your contact opportunities. These vouchers will give your existing customers, partners and potential customers a strong incentive to visit your stand because they can be exchanged for free admission tickets to the fair.

Order your admission ticket vouchers or voucher codes quickly and easily soon.

Good to know!


The admission ticket vouchers offer you and your customers a number of advantages:

For you as exhibitor:

You can print your company name, hall and stand number on the vouchers. Your customers then see immediately who has sent them the voucher.

  • The handy DIN long size makes handling easier and saves postage.
  • Your customers can redeem their vouchers directly at the photokina ticket shop at The admission ticket is available for printing or for mobile devices. This saves time and enables your customers to enter the trade fair quickly. Alternatively, they can bring the vouchers to the fair and exchange them at the ticket office for day tickets. It’s easy!

For your customers:

  • Your customers can now redeem their admission ticket vouchers quite simply online and register for the fair at the same time.
  • The admission ticket can be printed immediately after the voucher has been redeemed.
  • This enables your customers to enter the fair without delay.
  • When your costumer redeems the voucher online, he or she will receive the free public transport ticket in a separate e-mail. He can use the public transport ticket for buses and trains in the extended network of the Rhein-Sieg Transport Authority (VRS). Exempted are Deutsche Bahn AG trains that are subject to a surcharge (e.g. IC/EC or ICE trains)
  • Access to the expanded online information offers users an optimally and comfortable way to plan their visit to the fair. Make use of these benefits for yourself and your customers! Send out your admission ticket vouchers to your important partners and customers in good time. And don’t forget to draw their attention to this service.

Finally, a few useful tips on the use of your admission ticket vouchers:

  • Please compare the serial numbers of the vouchers listed in the delivery note with those on the original vouchers. In case of discrepancies, please let us know immediately.
  • Record the serial numbers of the vouchers issued to each of your customers. After the event you will receive a list oft he serial numbers. You will then see which of your customers made use of the vouchers.
  • Please note that we will not return the original vouchers to you.

Important information how to redeem your admission ticket

Please note: Each person needs his own ticket shop account, because the ticket will always be automatically issued in the name of the account holder. It is not possible to redeem the voucher for another person.

  1. Go to the photokina 2020 website at In the top menu under "Participation and planning" / "For (trade) visitors", you will find the menu item »voucher redemption«
  2. Follow the link to the ticket shop.
  3. Enter your voucher code in the input field and click on »Continue«
  4. Register in the ticket shop or log in with your existing account.
  5. Complete the order by clicking on the button » Yes, redeem the Business Ticket / Ticket reservation for [name]«. For you as a voucher code holder, the order is free.
  6. The admission ticket is available for printing or download to your mobile device directly after ordering. You will receive your free travel ticket in a separate e-mail shortly after your ticket. To use the public transport system please print out the PDF file in size A4 or download the PDF file to your mobile device.
  7. The public transport ticket is non-transferable and only valid in connection with a valid photo identification and an admission ticket of Koelnmesse GmbH.

Pricing system for admission ticket vouchers and voucher codes

As part of the marketing package, you can order an unlimited number of admission ticket vouchers, completely free of charge.

Before you send the admission ticket vouchers / voucher codes to your customers, write down the serial number per addressee. We will send you a list of the redeemed vouchers (serial numbers) after the event. This will enable you to determine which of your customers accepted your invitation.

Charges of text imprints

Admission ticket vouchers

Costs of uniform text overprint, black monochrome, one-sided, including typesetting:

  • up to 500 copies = EUR 110.00
  • 501 - 1,000 copies = EUR 130.00
  • over 1,000 copies per thousand = EUR 35.00
  • over 5,000 copies = copies price on request

All prices incl. VAT or sales tax.


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