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The camera and smartphone market 2020

camera and smartphone market

A forecast of the camera and smartphone market for 2020 will most likely be accurate when one considers the development of past months in detail. And here one sees a pleasing upward tendency, despite all of the declines faced by the camera market worldwide. Thus, for example, the sale of cameras has increased since July 2019. In concrete terms, the quantity sold in September, for example, increased by an encouraging 14.6 percent in comparison to the previous month. From around 1.3 to around 1.49 million cameras.

The improving trend was even more apparent when looking at cameras with interchangeable lens connections. Here, growth in the same period even reached 24 percent. A clear signal on the market, which is also encouraging with a view to the camera market for 2020.

Trend toward mirrorless system cameras

The positive trend is primarily being fuelled by the sustained success of mirrorless system cameras, which are in the meantime far more favoured by customers than reflex cameras. Compact housings, low weight and high-performance recording technology make them attractive for end customers. Many professional photographers have also taken the step toward the compact system camera (CSC). The segment is primarily being powered by the high degree of innovation of the manufacturers. New, intelligent technologies, especially with regard to autofocus, simplify recording and increase the probability of taking sharp photos and videos. Image sensors with ever improving performance, high resolution, electronic viewfinders and maximum connectivity also provide strong purchase arguments.

The market for the classic compact camera is still experiencing some difficulties worldwide. Here, especially high-priced and correspondingly high performance models score points with end consumers. Simple compact cameras lead a niche existence. The reason for this is the success of smartphones.

The smartphone camera is the decisive purchase criterion

The camera and the related software have long since become the decisive purchase criterion for the smartphone. Thus, for example, Apple is equipping its top model with three lenses, in order to be correspondingly flexible in the wide, normal and telephoto ranges. Manufacturers like Huawei or Samsung also score points with high photo performance. The functionality and diversity of smartphones are increasing rapidly and regularly provide end consumers with new possibilities. The Google Pixel 4, for example, which can even replace the sky where desired. Intelligent algorithms and highly efficient processors make it possible.

A look at the figures shows: in 2018, around 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. In comparison to the previous year, in which around 1.47 billion devices were sold, sales in fact decreased by 4.1 percent, and another decline also had to be faced in 2019, but the sales numbers should once again increase to 1.48 billion by 2023. The digital allrounders thus also remain the absolute motors of the imaging market in the photokina year 2020.