photokina: 18.–21.05.2022 #photokina

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Quantity and quality: the new joy of photography

Whether with the camera, the smartphone, the instant camera or the drone – photography is the trend everywhere. As a result, the number of pictures taken is increasing rapidly. Photography is part of everyday life and creates a desire for more.

Photography can look back on a past rich in tradition and at the same time presents itself as innovative and new. Thus, mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses have been revolutionising the market for around ten years. Small, compact and high-performance, they have already overtaken the classic reflex camera in some areas. Many appreciate the advantages that modern cameras provide. For example, the electronic viewfinder that shows the image in advance as it will subsequently be taken. Photographers also dispense with a lot of weight, so that they can be considerably lighter and more flexible when on the go.

Innovative functions like the eye autofocus presented at photokina 2018 are other impulses that fuel the new joy of photography. The mirrorless camera trend continues unabated. We can also look forward to further technical innovations and new models from manufacturers in the photokina year 2020.

However, there is also movement in the classic reflex camera segment. An ever increasing number of hybrid models is coming onto the market, which combine the advantages of both camera systems with one another. For 2020, new DSLR flagships are at the starting block, which, among other features, should further improve performance when taking pictures and the resulting product with the help of artificial intelligence.

Smartphone photography: 1.4 trillion photos annually

The trend of smartphone photography continues unabated. The clever tool has become the "always-with-me camera" for many and documents moments of everyday life, both big and small. Thanks to high-performance image processors and increasingly intelligent software, as well as ever better smartphone lenses, which also allow various focal lengths, smartphones have developed into real allrounders. Smartphones are the key product of digitalisation around the globe.

Imaging innovations create strong purchasing impulses in the process. A better camera is a sales argument for every fourth German when purchasing a smartphone, according to a study of the German association for the information economy, telecommunications and new media (Bitkom). Mobile image experiences have become a selfexplanatory part of life. For 15 percent of consumers, photography is a smartphone function used on a daily basis. It is thus no wonder that the smartphone in particular means an ever increasing number of photos taken every day.

When one considers that, of around 7.5 billion people on earth, around half of them own a smartphone with an installed camera (3.75 billion), around 1.4 trillion photos would be taken if each person only took one photo per day. These are supplemented by the photos taken by reflex and system cameras, as well as photo drones. 85 percent of all images nonetheless originated from smartphones. By the way, the absolute number of photos taken annually was only around half the present level in 2013. The increasing spread of smartphones thus also means growth in the number of photos taken.

Multicopters on the rise

Another boom theme is photo drones. The number of multicopters sold increases significantly each year. No wonder. They make it possible to record from entirely new perspectives. Flying a photo drone is also a lot of fun. Improved image quality thanks to higher resolution and 4K image recording in compact housings also increase the enthusiasm for innovative flying devices.

Comfortable control via the smartphone, or completely intuitively via hand and arm gestures. A lifting of the hand, for example, prompts the copter to fly higher, while a downward movement initiates a descent. Autonomous flying and recording is also possible through the use of artificial intelligence.

Sustained hype about instant cameras

Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras are having a comeback.

Instant cameras that make photography a haptic experience are experiencing a true Renaissance. Depending upon the model, the image is in fact only printed or exposed once, like it used to be, or it can also be digitally saved in order to produce multiple copies or to further process it.

An absolute hit, especially for young photographers.

Social media photography: the joy of sharing

The new joy of photography is fuelled by social media. On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Co., the photos taken can be commented on and presented directly.

For example, photographs of a holiday as it happens or special experiences with friends or family. Photography is a central aspect of everyday life and documents all experiences for posterity. You can find out which innovations we can expect soon at photokina 2020 in May.