photokina: 18.–21.05.2022 #photokina

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A new "Buddy"


"Buddy" looks into the camera with an expression ranging somewhere between friendly to bored during the photo visit, and keeps on chewing hay contentedly. He is one of the newest residents of the Cologne Zoo. The new banteng facility only opened in 2017. Buddy is a Java banteng. His wild conspecifics are classified as highly endangered. The stock of the wild cattle, which live in Southeast Asia, China and Australia, is estimated at 5,000 to 8,000 animals. The main reason for the decline of the population is the destruction of their habitat, but also the hybridisation of domestic cattle, as well as the diseases that are transmitted to them by the domestic cattle. Buddy has now arrived in Cologne as part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) to father a new generation of purebred banteng cattle.

It's no coincidence that Koelnmesse has now assumed sponsorship of Buddy for one year in the context of photokina activities in Cologne. Species preservation and photography are closely linked with one another. The prizewinning London photographer Tim Flach recently attracted a great deal of attention with his project "In danger – portraits of endangered animals" . The exhibition presented by STERN magazine will be one of the highlights of photokina 2018.

The emotional animal portraits have an urgent impact on visitors. For them he uses the form for representing humans, the portrait. Tim Flach achieves this effect entirely consciously. He selects this form in order to reinforce the sentiment that these animals are close to us.

I drew upon important findings from studies involving the effect of animal photographs on our hearts, our minds and our souls. Traditional wild animal photography shows animals in their natural environments, wild and free. This tends to reinforce the impression of otherness and distance from human beings.

Tim Flach

His message is clear: we have to do something now before its too late, in order to assure the future of the animals.

The production of the exhibition took place according to the ChromaLuxe procedure. Instead of printing on paper, the image motifs were applied to aluminium plates through dye-sublimation. They will be exhibited at photokina in hall 2.2.

Those who wish to visit (and photograph) Buddy in the Cologne Zoo can walk past sea lions and elephants to the northwest part of the zoo grounds, where Buddy and the two cows Ornella and Muti have found their home in the immediate vicinity of the playground. They are sure of attention here – the design of the facility at the same time protects the animals from being disturbed by visitors.


Caption: Buddy is easy to differentiate from his "roommates" through his size and the dark colour of his hide.

Caption: Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer Koelnmesse GmbH, and Zoo Director, Prof. Theo Pagel

Caption: Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer Koelnmesse GmbH, and Zoo Director, Prof. Theo Pagel at the handing over of the certificate in the zoo. The sponsorship of course extends to 13 March 2019 – a little mistake has found it's way into the certificate.