photokina: 27.–30.05.2020


Immerse into theme worlds

Unlimited discovery

Experience innovations, new products and all kinds of exciting ideas – in five fascinating imaging theme worlds! You are interested in lenses, lighting or digital image processing? In the theme worlds of photokina you will find what you're looking for.

Cameras, lenses & filters

Try out the latest cameras directly, discover new lens innovations, experiment with smartphone cameras and much more.

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Light, tripods & accessories

What kind of new products are there for easily making your photos even better? Discover the theme world revolving around light, tripods and accessories.

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Finishing, printing & presentation

In the theme world dealing with finishing, printing and presentation you will experience, among other things, state of the art publishing systems, AR/VR and new products for image presentation.

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Software, storage and sharing

Get the creative kick: let yourself be inspired by the latest innovative possibilities of digital image processing, look into the future of CGI and test new solutions for saving and sharing your creative output.

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Innovations, start-ups & visions

Look forward to experiencing the future of imaging: experience trend-setting prototypes and software, as well as exciting new business ideas.

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