photokina: 27.–30.05.2020

Carpetlight GmbH | Exhibitor on the photokina 2018

Carpetlight GmbH

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Carpetlight GmbH
Friesenweg 5 f
22763 Hamburg
+49 40 430 96 222
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Company & products
List of Products

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Company & products
Carpetlight ® -textile based led lighting

After 20 years in the field as lighting technicians the founders of Carpetlight® are aiming at an amount of flexibility that’s literally a „shining cloth“, to be produced in various sizes, with a handling just like
any other fabric being able to replace the traditional setup of fixture and reflective or diffusing media with one single device.
In order to give users the most adaptive, form free lighting tool miniature PCBs are fixed on a textile circuit board, connected by conductive threads embroidered to a lightweight fabric. By the use of
highly efficient leds it is possible to lay a pattern of light on a piece of cloth, at high luminous output and excellent color rendition (CRI 96). The wide emission angle of the leds in combination with a
dense pitch creates a homogeneously effect over the lighting area.
The textile shell covering the light emitting area from the back is made from a ballistic fabric to ensure maximum mechanical protection. It is matte black to make it nearly invisible towards a studio or
location background. The leds heat dissipation is done through a patented multilayer textile compound to be convection cooled. The front side consists of a spacer fabric, enlarging and diffusing the light
emitting area and protecting the only “hard” part of the fixture, the leds themselves. On top of that an optical fabric spreads the circular light pattern to a linear form by means of lenticular fibres.
The lights control unit can be operated manually to change light intensity and colour temperature or by wireless DMX protocol to be remote controlled. The soft and tuneable white light reaching from 2800-
6000 K, driven by a constant current control guarantees flickerfree operation at all framerates
The product range features minimum weight combined with maximum luminous output, perfected in
our CL21 (400 gr/8000 lm).