photokina: 27.–30.05.2020

Aurora Lite Bank Co. | Exhibitor on the photokina 2018

Aurora Lite Bank Co.

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Aurora Lite Bank Co.
123 Secheonro-3-gil, Dasa, Dalsung-Gun
42921 Daegu
Korea, Republic of
+82 53 3849874
+82 53 3849886
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List of Products

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Company & products

C LUX is a compact size LED light with multiple mounting options.

Grab and go for it

C LUX is a round LED panel in the diameter of 11cm fits in your camera bag for easy storage and fits in your palm of hand comfortably for use. Weighing only 0.15kg, you can handhold it without pain as long as you need. Just grab it and fill in.

Combine with Firefly Beauty Box for extra power
Firefly Beauty Box has been our top selling light modifier for speed light users. C LUX mounted in a Firefly reflector will allow you to see how your flash is going to play and where shadows would fall and provides extra power to your flash light.
No wires, no hassles with mounting, simple to control, long hour of use and high CRI. C LUX integrates all these features and even it allows both direct and indirect mount on a center rod of Firefly. For direct mount, just screw C LUX into the tap of center rod. The back of C LUX is silver colored which reflects the directional light from speed light. Backside works as deflector reducing hot spot from shoe mount flash. For indirect mount, attach an L-bracket to the cold shoe and then screw into the tap of center rod.

Built-in Lithium polymer battery
Two internal Lipo batteries 3.7V 1000mAh will allow one hour of use at max power. Recharging from empty battery take 1hr and 40min via USB with standard phone charger and shorter if quick charger is used. A 5-pin USB cable is included in the kit.

High color rendering
LED bulbs with CRI over 95 restore true color of object. High CRI is critical for LED light for image shooting. C LUX is a small light with only 10W of power consumption but it ensures you good lighting quality.

Easy to control
Not many but only two steps of power adjustment are easy and simple to control with. C LUX will fill in light make shadows lighter or darker effectively in a small shooting environment. To enjoy its full power, just press the button to right and for less bright power, press it to left. You can't go wrong.