"It has never been so easy to create an image"

During his impulse presentation before top international representatives of the imaging industry on the evening before the start of photokina, the business journalist Ranga Yogeshwar made some clear statements about the challenges and chances facing the new, unlimited imaging worlds. Like Rainer Führes, Chairman of the Photo Industry Association, he nonetheless outlined an optimistic future scenario for the industry.

"It has never been so easy to create an image, and never before in the history of humanity have there been so many 'photographers'", Yogeshwar explained and warned: "Most of us underestimate the impact of this digital revolution. The rules of the game are currently being rewritten in most industries."

The challenges, according to Yogeshwar, are based on a medial and societal paradigm shift: today the absence of an image is nearly synonymous with having "never been there". Following a centruy in which photography was primarily characterised by limitations, looking at the example of the 36 photo film rolls, we now find ourselves in a phase of abundance. With the continuing technological development of optics and digital sensors, many of the limitations of imaging have been done away with, but new challenges have also arisen.

This is how he accurately described the status of the imaging industry, which sees new chances in the digital transformation. "Big challenges are facing us all, originating from 'Imaging is everywhere', according to Rainer Führes, Chairman of the Photo Industry Association. "However, many times greater are the chances for the development of our industry, if we think and act in a new way in digital Imaging ecosystem: networked, open, cooperative<, participatory and, most importantly, inspirational." Führes sees imaging as a central technology of the future: whether in self-driving, image technology-controlled vehicles, "sighted" robots, networked contact lenses, or as as an omnipresent communication element. "Our inspiration as an industry thereby aligns with the inspiration of our customers. We will have to respond to their preferences", according to Führes.

Like imaging represents the central medium for worldwide communication, photokina functions as the central interface for all aspects of the digital imaging ecosystems. The images, the industry, the users and the technologies come together here as they do nowhere else.

Ranga Yogeshwar was born in 1959 in Luxemburg as the son of an Indian engineer and a Luxembourgian artist. He spent most of his childhood in India. He completed his Abitur (school leaving examination) in Luxemburg following primary school in India. Ranga Yogeshwar studied physics ("experimental elementary particle physics and astrophysics") at the RWTH Aachen and worked at the Swiss Institute for Nuclear Research (SIN), at CERN in Geneva and at the Jülich research centre. The physicist came to Westdeutscher Rundfunk (German public radio) in Cologne in 1987 as an editor and headed the Science programme group for several years. He has worked as an independent journalist and author since 2008. Yogeshwar developed, produced and hosted many TV broadcasts and is one of the most well-known science journalists in Germany. His books are bestsellers and have been translated into several languages. Ranga Yogeshwar is the father of four children and lives with his family near Cologne.

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"It has never been so easy to create an image"

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