photokina: 27.–30.05.2020


The 10 MEGA-TRENDS of photokina 2018


New cameras and lenses, inspiring images and events, technologies that enable entirely new image worlds – photokina is much more than a show of new products. We introduce ten trends that one can only see and experience in this concentrated amount only in September in Cologne. photokina does credit to its role as the world's leading trade fair for imaging.

Trend 1 - Professional quality for everyone

Hobby photographers today make increasingly frequent use of high performance professional equipment. The technical refinement of current camera models, and especially of the anticipated new photokina products is absolutely top class. There have never been so many cameras with such a high degree of performance in the history of photography. This is why it has never been so easy and affordable to take magnificent photos at a professional level.

Trend 2 - The future of cameras is mirrorless

Ten years after the first mirrorless digital interchangeable lens cameras, the compact high-tech models have grown up. Even experienced pros rely on them, because they are more compact and flexible. A large and continually growing selection of lenses offers the right solution for every motif. It's no wonder that an ever increasing number of pure lens manufacturers like Sigma or Tamron are expanding their portfolios to include optics delicacies for mirrorless cameras. All the moreso because both Canon and Nikon want to provide this market with new models for increased dynamics. The future of photography can't be experienced anywhere better than at photokina.

Trend 3 - Instant images are no longer just "kids' best friends".

Photos on the mobile display? Anyone can do that. To hold the photo in your hands after taking it and see how it develops – now that's cool. Especially for young girls. Even after 80 years, instant photography, thanks to Fujifilm instax and Polaroid, has lost nothing of its fascination; on the contrary, it is booming like never before – with new formats and new cameras. For good reason: instant photos are fun, can be taken quickly and easily, provide inspiration for creative actions and offer a true original as an image.

Trend 4 - Intelligent algorithms for ever better photos

The motif recognition in the cameras and smartphones of all leading manufacturers automatically ensures perfect image results. Automatic processes perfect lighting, contrast and colours in current image processing software like that from Skylum. And with respect to software solutions for current print products like the photo book, etc., intelligent algorithms ensure unprecedented perfect image quality. How can artificial photo intelligence help you? Find out at photokina!

Trend 5 - New, fantastic compact cameras

Big sensors, extending to full format with the corresponding performance, brilliant electronic viewfinders, great design, high-end zoom lenses and many more features, such as 4K video and WiFi, transform the compact jacks-of-all-trades into cameras for having with you at all times at the highest level of quality. The compact little cameras show themselves at their best when travelling, like the Panasonic TZ202 shown here, with low weight and full photo power nonetheless. It's no wonder that the brand manufacturers are coming up with new innovations – all of which can be looked at and held at photokina.

Trend 6 - 4K video offers new possibilities

Nearly all camera models today offer 4K video. In this way users can remove images in top quality from any film sequence directly in the camera. This means that one can seek out a brilliant image from each 60 or 30 images per second series and print each image in up to DIN A3 format with an ultra-sharp resolution of 300 dpi. And anyone can become a star director with the spectacular 4K video quality. But what good are words: you have to see 4K, at photokina 2018.

Trend 7 - Enjoyment of the printed image

What do I do with my especially good images? An ever increasing number of photographers are asking themselves this. The answer and the solution: high quality image products like murals or elegant photo books. New products with special paper and finishings, or materials and surfaces ensure exquisite photo pleasure. Not only the latest image products and applications will be shown at photokina, but also countless examples of how one can perfectly present images in the home atmosphere or in exhibitions.

Trend 8 - High speed quicker than the eye

Modern system cameras enable not only ultra-short exposure times of 1/8000th of a second, but also especially fast series of 12 images or more per second, as well as full resolution and super-fast autofocus; smartphones offer super-slow motion modes. These make it posible to create fascinating photos and videos that were only recently impossible or only possible with extremely expensive equipment. You can see everything to do with high-speed photography at photokina.

Trend 9 - Accessories for unique images

Because everybody today carries a camera or a smartphone with them at all times, one needs to differentiate oneself from the image mainstream as a photographer. This works best with appropriate innovative accessories that offer an endless number of creative possibilities. Light carbon tripods, the latest flash units, multi-functional bags and backpacks, or creative filter systems extend the photographic horizon. All of that and a lot of new camera accessories can be found at photokina.

Trend 10 - The square format is on the advance

Instagram started with square image format, while square instant photos, a variety of photo stations, picture frames and murals have developed the trend further. Why is the square so sexy? Because it concentrates the gaze of the viewer onto the essential elements at the centre of the image. The trend to the square continues with image products, applications and cameras, presented at photokina.